Tell me what you want,
and I’ ll give you the best products at the best price

Tell me what you want, and I’ ll give you the best products at the best price

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Guangzhou Henshion International Trading Company

HENSHION is an international company based in Guangzhou, China which has been founded in 2018 as an independent entity and extremely existing in the top of international companies in China for trading with the whole world, and it is based on two decades of accumulated experiences approximately in this field as a strong link between the best factories and giant companies in China with business pioneers around the world. HENSHION became a reliable partner upon which you can depend in implementation of all business according to the customer’s requirements in high speed, quality that makes the difference and reliability in fulfillment of the best available prices for designing, checking up, insuring, custom clearance and shipping to deliver to any addresses around the world. HENSHION have also partners in different countries can help for clearance in the other side and deliver to client’s door through aboard network that extending to different fields. HENSHION has written a bright history on his record from successful projects and a bright list of partners in all fields and for different fixed and consumptive products.

Guangzhou Henshion International Trading Company

HENSHION consists of a group with 30 employees (Both males and females), the accumulated experience for each the stuff individual and performance quality have distinguished HENSHION from its competitors where the staff communicates in English language, Arabic language and Chinese language. Each of the staff individual makes customer comfort and insuring his requirements in the highest quality and on time as one of their major objectives. The employees in HENSHION distributed among its departments and offices weather its in head office Guangzhou or Qingyuan.

According to HENSHION vision, success doesn’t came up right unless by helping the integration with the best partners, HENSHION consists in its information bank more than hundreds thousands who have been communicated, visited or asked for advices.

Guangzhou Henshion International Trading Company

Guangzhou Henshion International Trading Company

Our Services

Seeking and insuring customer’s orders from China in the best possible price and highest available quality and as soon as possible according to the customer's specifications and aspirations, this includes the following steps:

Communication with customer personally, mechanically or through phone and receiving his requirements and desires.

Designing the choices that matched with these requirements through a team of designers in the company.

Communication with the best factories in China and negotiating with or on behalf of the customers.

Checking out the primary samples and the products in coordination with the customer and being sure that they are matching or even exceeding the customer's expectations.

Follow up the products through shipping operations whether by sea or air.

Follow up custom clearance and products delivery to the customer.

Post sales services in touching products performance and working to repair, replace, substitute and support the customer in any shortage or defect in the product.

Coordination of shopping trips. Commercial tourism and medical trips to China including Air reservations, accommodation, translators, and tourist packages tourist packages.

Organizing and implementing occasions, conferences, meetings and workshops in China for the official governmental and commercial delegations.

Providing support services, coordination and logistic services within China from A to Z.

Providing consultation services regarding entrepreneurs and new projects.

Our Values

What makes HENSHION’s customers continue working with it?

And why we always won customers against our competitors?

The following are the most important characteristics upon which HENSHION has built its philosophy:

Know how

Which distinguished HENSHION from its competitors. The company is capable in its art in negotiation, designing, checking up the samples, follow up, manufacturing supplying and shipping for different kind of Chinese products weather classic or according to custom made in professionalism, quality and on time exceeding customers aspirations and dreams.

Dependability and responsibility

HENSHION is dealing with its partners and all those who have been contracted with them in the utmost care to fulfill their expectations and exceeding them which is enhancing the mutual confidence and the absolute dependability for each partner that their interests are on the honest hands.

Old relations

Specifically those who contacted HENSHION with the concerned authorities in China and their awareness of the best methods and less cost in what is serving it’s customer’s interests and making a comfortable environment for all parties.

Quality and Creativity

HENSHION staff seeks for feeding customer’s requirements in the best consultation to open wider choices in the horizon with carefulness to fulfill that in high quality and most suitable cost according to the market.

HENSHION staff seeks for feeding customer’s requirements in the best consultation to open wider choices in the horizon with carefulness to fulfill that in high quality and most suitable cost according to the market.

Development and Expansion

In the time of successive economic crisis and less work opportunities, in which many offices and companies have closed their doors, but HENSHION, from the other hand, has boosted its existence and witnessed increasing in its business and expansion in its customer’s records with possibility and basics for more expansion according to the opportunities that available in market.

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